Do you own a rental property in the San Diego area and currently managing that property yourself but would like additional “à la carte” tenant placement or property management services? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

At NextHome2Go we specialize in full service property management services but also know that there are owners out there who want to manage their properties themselves and may need occasional property management help.

Tenant Placement Help

Let’s say that your San Diego rental property currently rents for $1500 per month.

With traditional property management you’re going to pay an average of $1440 – $1800 for in management fees annually plus an additional $400 – $1500 tenant placement fee. This gives you a total annual cost of up to $3,300 annually plus any repairs.

When you utilize the NextHome2Go Tenant Placement Services (TPS) you will pay just $550 to have us find and place a qualified tenant in your rental property then you take can on managing the property from there.

Additional Services Available

As a property owner you may find yourself needing additional property management services over time like plumbing, HVAC or handyman services.

With NextHome2Go you can order those additional services individually when you need them without having to pay a monthly property management fee.

You’re In Control

The good thing about our tenant placement and à la carte property management services is that you’re always in control and can have the property management services when you need them.

You also don’t have to be concerned with being stuck in a long term contract or agreement either and you can start full property management service anytime you want.

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At NextHome2Go we manage rental properties for the entire San Diego County area. To learn more about our tenant placement or à la carte property management services contact us today by calling (800) 659-8469 or click here to connect with us online. 

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